Control de malas hierbas en agricultura

Weed control in extensive agriculture

Because of its role in diet and food production, cereal farming is a key element on the board of the world economy. Due to its increasing importance, it is necessary to produce instruments for weed control in extensive agriculture, given its immediate impact on crop production and yield level.

Bioestimulantes para el cuaje en calabacín. Cuajado

Biostimulants for the zucchini setting

Biostimulants for the zucchini setting that increase quality and production by minimizing the use of hormones by 60%

Abonos orgánicos para olivos. Campos de Andalucía

Organic fertilizers for olive trees

Organic fertilizers for olive trees. Advantages versus manure and conventional fertilizers The organic fertilizers for olive trees are an essential element for the soil health of these crops. The advantages of an organic bottom fertilizer, used in the first cycles, versus manure or conventional fertilizers, are not only observed in the most immediate campaign, but […]

Insecticidas naturales contra la mosca blanca en tomate. El poder de Nakar.

Natural insecticides against whiteflies on Tomato Plants

Whitefly pests are causing serious problems in the Spanish tomato crops, especially due to the transmission of viruses such as Tomato Yellow Leaf Curl Virus (TYLCV). Hence the importance of combating this problem through an integrated management that includes effective natural insecticides against whitefly on tomato plants. In order to keep the whitefly population at […]

Fertilizantes orgánicos para mejorar el suelo en cultivos intensivos

Organic fertilizers to improve soil in intensive crops

Organic fertilizers Multisei and Terrasei are the greatest impulse for horticultural soil fatigued by the intense activity and poor quality of the water

Fruta de hueso sin residuos. Proyecto Life Cero Residuos

Cero Residuos: Más rendimiento, calidad y vida útil en fruta de hueso

La fruta de hueso producida por el método Cero Residuos presenta mejores parámetros sensoriales, una mayor vida útil y está libre de plaguicidas

New natural insecticides of SEIPASA, on the media

Fruit Attraction 2016: New natural insecticides of SEIPASA, on the media

    Various media have echoed the great success obtained by the new natural insecticides of SEIPASA, Nakar and Pirecris, that were presented in the framework of Fruit Attraction 2016 and that will be a great relief for the farmer. Why? Because producers are increasingly seeking more effective tools to finish with the pests without […]